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to the microphone and give a big applause to all our brian's. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, thank you steven e steve i'm not sure though how to respond to this picture. i want to commit all brian's on their names. i'm honored to think here. i've been sobered with this project throughout any 18 years as a staff person in the state senate and more recently in the brown administration for the past 15 months. i'll say over the 18 years this project has had an effect on me. it's had time to inspire me and frustrate me and today having seen the final project it expresses me. there are thousands of men and women who gave much of themselves to see this project accomplished. it's their work and their resolve and their friendship that i want to spend a moment honoring. first optimistic continue in day you can't let a moment pass without honoring the men and women in the labor community who did the work. i want to acknowledge all of them (clapping) secondly i know owe loves to be acknowledged. the second brian has given me so much guidance i've got to tip my hat to dr. brian ma iron (clapping) dr. ma iron is ent
and designed this bridge before also want to thank steve because we've grown accustomed to a assuring voice positive face on this promise and i just want to say thank you steve because you helped all of us think as a bay area not just as an individual cities and counties. thank you to steve (clapping) aqua net and i rode over the oops way on the new span and marveled at being able to do that. perhaps the only time in our lifetime expect if you're in the custody of the highway patrol. in 193 of the east and west came together to celebrate this largest bridge of its time. and i know while it took a while today wire once again coming together to celebrate this innovative design we know will be an icon around the world. thank you, mayor brown for your push for a that iconic design the the idea of opening at night will see the splendor light. because we shouldn't just have a bridge we should have a symbol of resilience, of accomplishment of honor to all the men and women who participated in this and that's what we'll have for generations to come. navigate one thousand 5 hundred years to come. th
. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. lots to talk about with weather and traffic. let's go to steve. >> absolutely. wind advisory 40-50 miles an hour. stronger up in the hills. i've seen 60. its a northerly breeze. it will turn more north easterly. petaluma 55 miles an hour. fairfield 53. half-moon bay 44. the oakland hills 63. at last check 56. livermore up to 36 miles an hour gust. napa 24. you can see its all out of the north, northeast. as long as that holds there will be temperatures -- there will be warmer temperatures in the north bay. if it wasn't for the breeze, these would be much, much colder. tomorrow morning ordinary person sunday morning they will collapse inland to some 30s. this is extremely dry air mass. its all down here. that is the reason why its so windy. as that low slowly moves to the east, the winds will decrease gradually. so our wednesday system has moved in. high pressure has moved into the north and it fills it with that wind. i'll tell you north, northeast wind helps some. so windy, sunny today. chilly to mild on these highs. breezy all day or blustery.
and traffic and the winds, steve. >> its been crazy. it started late morning and into last night. wind advisory goes from 10. some of the higher elevations over 60. let's hope that decreases. fairfield 46. black hawk 45 over night. half-moon bay 44. these are still the winds sustained right now. napa 23. you might smell smoke from the napa fire because we are getting a north, northeast breeze. almost everyone else has a component of an easterly or northerly breeze. fit wasn't for the breeze, the lows would be much, much colder. they will be tomorrow especially on sunday as the wind dies down. strong low in southern california. but with clear skies and high pressure to the north everything says that is the reason why it is so windy. we will have sunshine today it just won't be very warm for some. windy at times. decreasing throughout the day. still breezy all day. but it will not be as bad. highs anywhere from near 60 to almost 78 degrees. here is sal. >>> steve, we have bad commute news. a lot of people are not going to be taking bart because the system is not running. that means traff
obama to extend those policies as his team works out the bugs in the affordable care act. steve large is in sacramento. now, steve, california is not going to help the white house. and this could affect hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: well, "covered california" essentially voted to stay the course. they are not going to allow those who are facing their policies to be terminated january 1 any type of extension. there was a chance of a one- year extension. the vote was unanimously by the "covered california" board 5-0. and, of course, this comes as president obama has been facing backlash after telling americans they could keep their healthcare insurance if they wanted. it turns out that's not true. one of the critics of this vote today happened to be the state insurance commissioner dave jones who says that this is a disservice to policyholders. now, bottom line here, after this vote today, i can tell you that there are 900,000 californians who have received cancellation notices. some of those people will be able to get some type of subsidy to get them into a "covered cal
accolades. steve ballmer is somehow more reviled than revered. one that with $300 billion in market capitalization has to be considered a success. and this is not just within the industry. this has become a pop culture thing now. on last night's episode of "south park," ballmer's assassination by an angry and disappointed bill gates was a major subplot. not only is steve ballmer viewed as a failure in his time at microsoft, he's sealed his deal where he says he recognizes that he's the person standing in the way of microsoft's progress. quote, maybe i'm an emblem of an old era and i have to move on. what was keeping microsoft from succeeding in this new world? quote, at the end of the day, we need to break a pattern. face it, i am a pattern. and so even he admitted it was time to go. was ballmer too hard on himself? not to execs i talked to at dream force. to them he is a befuddled fool who didn't see cloud, didn't see social, didn't see mobile coming. and he thought he could ignore it or somehow build it all into xbox one. what i would ask these executives offline, what is the bigg
suffering of the health care.gov website. from a safe distance. >> joining me steve ratner former head of president obama's task force. and a pulitzer prize winning comb columnist for "the new york times". steve, struggling on this program. a bit of a struggle to get past anecdote to get past anecdotes about some one has lost their current insurance thinks they will have to pay more. to the actual statistical picture of what we think is really happening under the affordable care act. and you have been working at that. and one of the headlines you have found for example that you don't, see, every day is about 80%, 80% of the people out there will be unaffected by the affordable care act. >> sure. we all can find examples of people who have been adversely affected. but when you look at this from the top down, you find that 80% as you said of people are unaffected you. find that when you drill down further and further, you get down to this 5% of people roughly in the individual marketplace. what this is all about. you find that half of them are going to find better plans, at lower prices.
," once again. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i've dave clark. >>> steve, you have things to talk about, too. >> windy for some. not for all. rather breezy, blustery day. a few low clouds make for a nice sunrise. overall, it will be sunny. blustery, breezy. temperatures are just rarin' to drop. they are being held up by the breeze. wind advisory, still 40 to 50. strongest gusts above the call cut -- caldecott. these are overnight. blackhawk, 45. fairfield, 46. santa rosa, 53. petaluma at 55 miles an hour. still 25 at fairfield. concord, 10. napa, 18. that's coming down. the relative humidity, 6%. that's how dry it is. it's mainly a north-northeast wind. only san jose. now a little bit of a northerly breeze there. 40s and 50s. 45 santa rosa. i mean, they could easily drop if the wind stays down. it's been debrees ceasing a -- decreasing a little bit. the strong low in southern, arizona. breezy, sunny. a few clouds around. maybe a few low clouds. it will be mostly sunny today. temperatures, again, the forecasted highs, i've seen 12, 15-degree differences between some of the projecti
above the 16,000 mark. steve sedgwick live for us in london. >> good day to you. the markets are looking good after those previous losses earlier in the week. just redressing the balance somewhat for the bulls. but investor confidence not good in the politicians. no one seemed to come out at the latest global investors survey. the president's approval ratings have fallen to 38% from previous 50%. it's worse for the republicans, as well, down to away about 19% from the previous late september 28%. democrats in the house pretty much where they were before around about 30%. what is interesting is 52% of respond departme respondents say another shutdown is expected. >>> talking to bank of america, deutsche bank and barclays about getting funding together for a bid for time warner. no guarantees that any bid will materialize, but charter is backed by media and he's talked previously about the desperate need for more consolidation. so if they get the funding, there may be another tilt at twc before the end of the reayear. >> so tell me about hydro again fuel celled vehicles and whether it's a
. thank you. >> steve wu from chinatown cdc. i want to thank the ta staff for a great presentation and laying out a great framework for how to achieve equity in discussions about new transportation revenue. i think it's very important as a board you take a step back and really examine how the revenue being discussed today is being reprogrammed especially with regard to equity. and it's very important to take a look at how new monies will benefit today's everyday transit riders. we haven't seen any analysis of that and i think this lays out a framework of handout you -- how to do that. how new money can benefit transit riders. we look forward to seeing how this framework gets developed and once again, thank the ta staff for producing a great presentation. >> steve, i just wanted to clarify at the last ta board meeting that malcolm was anna pointed member of the task force but you said he was never a ppointed? >> we don't want to elaborate on that. he was on a communication band and he raised a lot of concerns which he felt were not adequately addressed. he was a member of the task
delaying tactics, no more mickey mouse. and with any luck, there will be action. steve kornacki and joan walsh. well, the president's enemies have made history in the ferocity and frequency of their attacks on the most basic jobs of the president in febds they challenged his right but filibustering the confirmation of chuck hagel. to protect consumers by holding up his nominee for the protective bureau. for two full years. that nominee was finally confirmed in july. in october they challenged his right of blocking mel watt to head the federal housing finance committee. while it was to be the first member of congress to be denied confirmation since the civil war. and most recently, any judges between october 31st and november 18th. shot them all three of the president's nominees to d.c. court of appeals. today they invoke what's called the nuclear option. it kills the republican threat of a filibuster on most presidential appointments. but the bigger message is clear. democrats and this president have gone to war with their enemies finally. let's listen to the president. >> today's patter
rose. >> tonight a special conversation with jony ive, apple's chief of design and the man steve jobs desribed as his spiritual partner. and marc newson, a industrial designer who made everything from ca, jewelry, and airport tin terrier, they teamed up to apple's red to auction the a sotheby's to go to the global find to find aides. ive and newson have known each other for 13 year, ive is almost as important to he'll success as legendary c.e.o. steve jobs. he is behind the designs for the i mac, ipod, i phones, and ios 7 the latest-- the it has helped apple sell millions of its products around the world. newson's range as a design is unparalleled, so much so that the "new york times" once asked, is there anything marc newson has not designedment his lockheed lounge chair has set world records at auctions. ive and newson have both redefined the boundaries between art and design, form and function. their work has been featured in museums and earned them countless awards. we talk with jony and marc about the auction, their craft, and their friendship. >> define for me what this exhibit
and democratic strategist steve murphy and former white house press secretary arrei fleischer. i think you won't disagree in a this thing is a bad scene. the question is, what should democrats do if you were counseling them how do they dig themselves out of this mess? >> we have to make it work. we have got to get the problems fixed so it works as it was originally intended. it's not just the website getting fixed. it's the basic concept that has to fulfill -- be fulfilled according to plan. it is this why i disagree with what you said about california being bad. that's good for the future of obama care for two reasons. a one year extension as the president proposed, the states that will implement that are just kicking it into the time line of just the next election. that won't help us politically. and number two, we need -- those substandard plans under obama care, they have to go away for obama care to work. they have to be eliminated. we have to get the healthy people paying for a full plan. >> i think you were on a roll until you hit the last sentence or two. because ari fleischer, i have
the election time. with us now, steve more from the law street journal editorial board and dr. scott gottlieb's, former policy for centers for medicare and medicaid services. welcome to you both. i will start with you. let me read you what the obamacare administration is saying about what is essentially a 30 day delay. they say it is to give insurers the benefit of more time to evaluate there experiences during the 2014 plan year and allow them to take into account those who may enroll late including young adults before setting 2015 rates. >> that is probably right because the insurers are going to have a hard time submitting bids. >> there were not going to have a lot to go on. the administration is worried. this hurts consumers. there will have to wait. gerri: calling me skeptical. this is a bold political bid not to get in trouble at the election polls. what do you say? >> it think? getting that is absolutely right. when i talked to democrats on capitol, what they're telling me is that love to put this off after the 2014 election. i think that the entire law may actually be delayed. gerri:
amy worth (clapping) >> thank you, very much. steve i'm honored to be here to welcome i all and to say what a great a day and congratulations to everyone. it really is a glorious day. being around the eastern span one of the things you may have noticed it that construction is not an old boy's club anymore. it's something that video news man mark john noticed when he was documenting the bridge. so he's done more than 20 oral histories. and he comprised a short video precisely some of the women who have transcribed to the ante span. please join me >> i work in san francisco my mother worked on the new bridge and my brother. my mom worked on the first and second phase with me for another one of the contractors that were out here. and my grandfather worked on the original span but it's been fun. >> it's one of those projects that's come in a lifetime. >> it's seeing it take a look take shape. when i finish our work you see something >> i work for the superintendent of the project. so no days even the same. it's interesting like i said in high school i'm going to work and build
calendar -- that's steve's watch. this is my watch. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> you know, typical washington, d.c. you wonder why we're in trouble. some guy goes out for lunch. he's got 40 bucks in his pocket. he spent 50 bucks. >> no big deal. somebody else will pay for it. >> that guy is like the vice president. >> he's just like the vice president. >> in fact he is. >> money management. >> joe biden did it again. so we have something else. we also have something very interesting. we have joe biden as senator and joe biden as vice president commenting on the nuclear option. we have president obama as president and we also have president obama as senator commentating on the nuclear option. the nuclear option is what drops the overall vote down in the senate to pass something from 60 to 51. it finally happened. the nuclear option was enacted, but the problem is it has a track record. >> it does. yesterday harry reid and company, the democrats, blew up two centuries of tradition and custom. what's interesting is -- and we're going to talk about how it does appear it is a d
. >>> steve, right now there is no bart service according to the bart dispatchers. they are going to try to get service up by 5:00. tara moriarty is out at west oakland station and she is going to have more on what she has learned. but this could mean major problems for you if bart is your way of getting to work again. we're on it. we'll have a live report coming up in just a moment. let's move along and take a look at san mateo bridge. very windy out there. wind advisories for all the  bridges. gusty winds. and if you are driving again on the bay bridge, we also have a wind advisory there. our cameras are shaking pretty well as you can see. as you watch the television. just be careful there. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with that developing news this morning. no bart service right now as sal said. late night computer problems still causing problems this morning. tara moriarty is joining us now from oakland. hundreds of passengers stranded on trains last night, tara. >> reporter: that is right. the trains were supposed to resume at 4:00 this morning. that didn't happen. acco
agency steve and director john of the planning department and to all city commissioners respective of their office. today, there are several former commissioners my good friend christina and others who are great supporters of us (clapping) we also have to thank a huge thank you your development partner jeffries and his family for they're truly amazing support for bringing about the mexican museum. in closings i want to acknowledge peter rodriguez the founder of the museum. we have this sister and brother lloyd rodriguez representing the family (clapping) i want you to then please stay and enjoy the celebration together we can it gives me great pleasure to introduce mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you andy for that introduction. well, today, obviously is a very special day it's not only the 2 hundred and third mexican today, it's appropriate we recognize ann an important institution that will be built here, no san francisco. the entire city and community are excited for this new home and we'll have this compliment the other world-class institutions that arnold previously mentioned
steve pemberton. which commemorates the truth in the first day of the conviction rates the child. through him. just listen to the far reaches of the universe the connections to stitch. since it's open to new piece to stitch and sleep in the house. stick around or religion. this is true masters of musicians from around the road. my kids the children. we listened to the ranks. while the story went. www. eighteen what not i was taught at it. i came from somebody and it's this animal but this time. and i ended up that monkey send him back something. and we walk in a small dish on the defendant's defendant's innocence out then sent us some money. we doubled the ground cause sister some money and this is some lad is the of the town we abt what can we get fake and a pink mist. and thus woman is stocking making some money only how the model among contain ten. it's that good so we wanted to have a voice of ghosts woman come out six both testers and the faults of butter. and they shouldn't be the nation and the like doll i got it the of the astana team. because in some audio we always hei
. >> steve wu from chinatown cdc. we want to talk about our position on the theep. we have some significant concerns about it demand terms of the reduction in service it's proposing particularly in chinatown. the tep will be reducing the route of the a decks part of the way through chinatown and eliminating folsom. in the area of talking about reducing revenue, we don't understand why there are cuts to service. for the items that will be reducing the service, we are not sure why that's there. the system going through environmental revenue -- review. in planning, you need to make sure with the cuts you have not been able to evaluate fully. thank you. >> commissioner kim? >> actually if i can ask you a question. sorry. thank you. of the 10 projects, actually maybe i can ask the mta staff about the preliminary design of the projects and the additional 5 projects. are you aware whether the 8 axis is included in this list and/or would you like to hold off the approval of the funding for this design until we get more questions and answers? >> we have not moved in that direction yet. i'm not su
, and i am steve and i am a regular here unfortunately. and i am the owner of 68 procidio with my wife. and as my attorney just addressed this you, there is one other thing that i wanted to point out to you. and that is as of last night, the appellant contacted my attorney through his attorney, and said, you know, if you would only get rid of your fire escape, we would be willing to drop our appeal tonight. and so, i find this very disturbing, okay? and appalling that an entire campaign was mounted for the last 13 weeks and for actually a year all around safety. and now, all of a sudden, the neighbor wants us to get rid of our fire escape. i mean, it is, the hypocracy is unbelievable these people should be made an example of and i realize that the board does not have the jurisdiction to do that, and my passion of dealing with the year of this and the cost of this and the emotional stress of having to do this. and so i will only say that to you to put a perspective on this. and why i am frustrated in support of what my attorney just said is the game that is being played here is by withd
can watch but this happens to be interactive. >> steve car l! >> there are a lot of cam those. >> clap long ♪ >> and these people come from all different kinds of backgrounds. >> someone made an interactive 24-hour long music video to get everyone's attention and it worked. >> it doesn't get much cooler than feral. >> if that's what you want to do. ! >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time. >>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we find the videos that you've been looking for "right this minute". >>> new video reese least of a hijacked school bus. >> with 11 students inside. >> see the moment every parent would pray for. >> a suspected thief runs into the surf. what happens when cops dive in for one amazing showdown. >> how am i rudely
long youtube videos you can watch but this happens to be interactive. >> steve car l! >> there are a lot of cam those. >> clap long ♪ >> and these people come from all different kinds of backgrounds. >> someone made an interactive 24-hour long music video to get everyone's attention and it worked. >> it doesn't get much cooler than feral. >> if that's what you want to do. ! >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and nespresso-us.com. >>> hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we find the videos that you've been looking for "right this minute". >>> new video reese least of a hijacked school bus. >> with 11 students inside. >> see the moment every parent would pra
the fanatical attention to detail that the late steve jobs was known for. >> steve had a great sense of caring that he knew what went into the inside of an iphone or an ipad and that kind of thing is part of the legend of the collaboration between you and steve. >> i think it's just part of a much broader picture. so i think at the highest level it's to try and make something great. the only way you can do that is to care to an extraordinary level. and i think many things then testify to that. whether it's how you finish the inside of something, how it's assembled right way through to how you try to communicate its value having to package it. but i think certainly one of the things we feel strongly about at apple is you know that commitment to care and to try to make the very best product that we can. >> it is that per suit of perfection simplicity beauty and function that drives these two in everything they do. >> you just have to try to design great things that stand the test of time. certainly the antithesis of accessibility. if you can design really trul
and spacecraft. the fortune article compares musk's ingenuity to apple founder steve jobs. and here's a look at the rest of the top five. angela is going to join apple. reed hastings a ceo of netflix which is based out of los gatos. >>> a new island formed near japan this week caught on tape. an under sea volcanic eruption raised the island right out of the water south of tokyo. watch it as it emerges under a big plume of ash and smoke, amazing. right now the island is about 650 feet in diameter. but scientists aren't sure if it's here to stay. >> isn't that amazing? >> drop a little condo there, have your own beach. >> hey, mine. >> i claim this rock. >>> boy, it is windy tonight in parts of the bay area. it's going to get windier, too, as we look for gusts to approach 45 miles an hour in parts of the bay area. the kpix 5 mobile weather is high atop mount tam where we're recording wind gusts up to 10 miles per hour in the mobile weather lab. the higher you go tonight the stronger the winds will be across parts of much of the rest of the bay area as we pull back and show you the very safe bl
mayor steve juan has said over and over again kids need something to do or they'll end up on the streets. a brand new youth center sits empty and closed. kpix 5 kristin ayers asked the mayor why. >> for years donye robinson has been waiting and hoping for this youth center across the school from where she works to be open. she says the children of west oakland need it. >> we've had a a lot of students walking home and see needles and things. >> five years after it first broke ground, the lights are on, the renovations are done, but the building remains empty. >> what's the point of having a building if you're not going to open it. >> it was supposed to open last summer. then the opening was pushed to fall, but the city could not come up with $250,000 needed to run the center. the cash problem was eventually solved but now. >> why hasn't it opened? >> well, we're still finishing the murals and the inside construction. >> but we discovered the issue keeping the center closed are not purely cosmetic. the problem is the center was built at a cost of about $8 million with no operating plan, s
it and leave the station seems to answer various and steve moment and to add that to send you any media here despite these sad people are facing as an aside and go station and then click here especially need to go on and the atmosphere as very sensitive and there and bacteria have mentioned this and couldn't see it as any and five the semi official news agency fars news the cincy and they're just the two day stay here a some mind i'll make this year and the half. jesse did feel bad that cutting to the media and the discos that being the spirit of the month that the honey come from and to protect the new enrichment and icing the negotiation table and eats including assam the point why can't that you launch it continues to ring in the enrichment activity and they especially that twenty percent uranium enrichment. that means some nuclear facilities and also in the third team on the honey company to continue the construction of the back had me what to react and also the olsen teen moms and to top that to continue the installation and the manufacture of the add new generation of centrifuges silly
of the palm beach. steve gordon center grounds that the unknown. many of the sool's faul and i fel procted fromhe dious meansi ruestll be in i seems that the use of poker to support that begins for dogs deserve evolutionary ofsted enjoying the moment you trust w to he st f me to explain something to me that you write about the fact that this is not a solid monolithic block of opposition you have various groups us companies called t dot. each of them sometimes have a little pocket of land and you actually went among the various ones and that their commanders. today has a new level of cooperation among each other. bo says stupid reader to join condition when it comes to ration. but as the story and an entire beast but i want to be in touch. was this impressed with dynamics which is due to the last twelve months before so it goes and decision makers which is why i could read needed to cool is that despite the risks and dangers. i want to call to express my city devotees with my friends and critiques was no oxygen. in syria. the press that's the key was to seize that had sales of new shoes are
a few. i want to recognize former president and ceo of the financial services roundtable steve bartlett, who is here. when he was in the house, he was a leader in the effort to pass the ada, and we appreciate his presence. we received individual letters from 84 nonprofit disability and religious organizations like the red cross, easter seals, and special olympics. not to mention sign-on letters representing over 1000 friends groups. we have heard from individuals, some not so well-known, and some very well-known citizens, like colin powell, a chinese human right activist, loretta clairborne, and dr. jordan, the president emeritus of gallaudet university, who wrote, "nothing is more american than recognizing equal opportunity for all citizens." so i think at the end of the day, dr. jordan's simple statement is in substance why we must ratify the treaty. we have several petitions that have been organized by different groups with a total of over 67,000 signatures. and let us not forget what this treaty means to veterans. we have received letters of support from organizations, including the
% of the country's revenue comes from the energy sector. as steve has been speaking to various officials from the nigerian policymakers -- >> it's one of those things where you're doing "squawk box" and then somebody says to me, there's a really interesting interview in the afternoon, and i did this and it was absolutely fascinating. i didn't know a lot about nigeria, ross, but what i know quite a bit about is the energy sector and i've spoken to their oil minister a lot over the years of the problems they've got. so, that's my thought, oil, problems, bad problems with shell and we've heard of them at each other's throats at the time. >> and? >> the point is, i've come away with a good impression on it. it's got a population of 173 million and is growing fast. it could have the same population as the u.s. by 2015 and they're trying to diversify. 25% of revenues are oil-based and they have massive theft problems. there are still big property problems, poverty issues, corruption problems, infrastructure problems. so, that's all there, but as a country that is actually trying to use some of thei
. judy y steve llegan en filomena, una historia verÍdica de un periodista de la b c c y dio a luz a su hijo y lo regalÓ y lo encuentra luego. >>> esta pelÍcula traerÁ mas para las fechas festivas, la pregunta es sia lograrÁn una nominaciÓn al coscar, regreso contigo. >>> gracias daniela, por el recuendo, y de pelÍcula, la experiencia, el van a ver, vivida por el ganador de nuestro concurso, viajÓ con su hijastro desde el bronx, miren que foto tan bonita, a nueva york, premier especial en los Ángeles de los juegos del hambre. nos da mucho gusto en "primer impacto", hacer este tipo de concurso, y hacerle el sueÑo realidad, por ejemplo, a estos dos televidentes tan queridos, vamos a la pausa al regreso, unos hispanos que a su corta edad bailan en grandes escenarios en la ciudad de las vegas, es impactante, cÓmo terminÓ la osadÍa de un piloto ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> seguimos en vivo desde las vegas, una ciudad que no solo es famosa por sus lujosos casinos, tambiÉn por sus espectÁculos producciones musicales, se destaca el "cirque du soleil". marta presenta dos artistas hispanos qu
>> steve are we done with the rob ford story? it's not done yet? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight? that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >>> this is a fox news alert. new and more evidence that the obama administration had fears about healthcare.gov in the days leading up to the october 1st launch. fox news correspondent james rosen is here with the latest. james? >> greta, good evening. these documents released by the house energy and commerce committee, the g.o.p. controlled panel that had primary legislative oversight over obamacare when it was snaking its way through the congress. among thosen on the sending and receiving ends of some of these emails were henry chow, the project manager for the healthcare.gov web site for cmf. the agency with oversight responsibility and also todd park the chief technology officer at the white house. on one email sent on september 26th of this year and received by henry chao, among others, an official at cmf described how, quote: on wednesday, 9/25, the test finishe
, steve. pleasure to be speaking with you. i have a quick comment. then i want to ask a question. it is a pleasure. >> go ahead. >> i have a quick comment. then i wanted to ask a question. i wanted to thank c-span for educating me about president kennedy's africa policies and how instrumental it was in solving the cuban missile crisis. i also wanted to ask mr. reeves this morning, and it is wonderful to be speaking with you as well, about president being uniquely positioned as the first irish catholic president and the civil rights speech, to speak about something as old as the scriptures and clear as the constitution, that we have no class system or masquerade. -- or master race. and how that should really be for all americans 50 years later. >> thanks for the call. tim is describing part of the extraordinary 48 hours in the kennedy presidency when he gave what is called the peace speech at american university, saying perhaps we should take another look at the cold war. how did we get into it? are we really adversaries or are we all moral and do we all care about our children an
that steve ballmer actually announcedp. they need a new leadership team to come in with the transformation. in addition to that, i believe the timing is right. while screens are getting small, and screens are actually -- content is getting everywhere, at the same time living room is becoming more important because screens are getting bigger and chris per and entertainment and gaming on this screens is becoming a lot of fun. if you look at the platform it's outstanding, the features are great, the quality of graphics is outstanding, integration of kinekts and voice control is brilliant along with the content catti catal catalog. >> thank you very much for your forecast there. i have to say i have two boys, one is 8, one is 20, xbox is their favorite gaming platform. >> that's what my 12-year-old does every day. >> down to you. >> all right. let's check in on interest rates right now because the ten-year note is holding kind of steady at 2.75%. and that's the level that a lot of traders are watching between that and the fact that the ten-year startses to bump up against 2.8% if we see 2.8% i
you got on the show today. you defeated competitors on steve cornacki's up against the clock. >> they blocked the nomination to serve ondown. >> the d.c. circuit. >> 300 points. susan, ends the game. what's the score? susan page, 1200 points. >> you're the reigning champion still. you get this mug. >> you should be extremely proud. you got the high school. the championship mug and the gift certificate but this weekend there is an interesting twist. the competitors on "up against the clock" are all msnbc talent, karen finney, alex witt and very own tour'e. all of us here on "the cycle" are rooting for -- >> alex witt. >> of course. >> tune in at 8:44ish eastern standard time. imagine your phone rings and you pick it up and it's a called from a loved one who died years ago. that is the premise of a new book on life, love, and power of redemption. he joins us here in the guest spot next. [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves with 0-calorie monk fruit in the raw. it's made with the natural, vine-ripened sweetness of fruit, so you can serve up deli
cameos from celebrities like steve carell, jimmy kimmel. you can find the song on the soundtrack for "despicable me." there are purists who appreciate a simpler time when videos came on tv and special effects meant lighting, lighting something on fire. you will be happy to know the 1986 bon jovi hit "living on a prayer" has experienced a sudden resurgence on the charts. the song returned to our pop culture lexicon after this video featuring some guy singing his heart out to the tune at a celtics game went viral thanks to the renewed interest, "living on a prayer" is now at 25 on the billboard charts thanks to this guy. adding to the weirdness, the dancing celtics fan video has been around for four years but for some reason, it picked up steam in recent weeks. that's something to do with the celtics picking up steam. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> happening now, america's top diplomat now rushing off to geneva at the last minute. does it mean a deal on iran's nuclear program is imminent? >>> also, the nation
and ceo of the financial service round table steve bartlet. we have received individual letters from 84 non-profit disability and religious organizations. not to next sign on letters representing a thousand dollar different groups. we have heard from citizens, some well known, and some not as well known. collin powell, the president of ga galuadet who wrote nothing is more american than recognizing quality for all citizens. and we have several petitions that have been organized with a total of 67,000 signatures. and let us not forget what this means to veterans. we have received letters from 15 veteran supporters. the american legion and the veterans of foreign war with 1.5 million members. and i would like to recognize the national commander of the american legion who is here with us today. everyone who supports the treaty is pleads the resolution the american legion passed. thank you very much. we have honored to have wounded warriors from all generations. thank you for taking the time to show your support. you have ours which is one reason we should ratify the treaty as soon as possi
of the round table, steve bartlett who is here. when he was in the house, he was a leader of the effort to pass the americans with disabilities act and we appreciate his presence and we receive individual letters from 84 non-profit disability of religious organizations like the red cross, easter seals, national federation for the blind and special olympics to name a few not to mention sign on letters representing over a thousand different groups. we heard from individuals, some not so well-known and some very well-known citizens like colin powell, chinese human rights activists, special olympics athlete loretta claiborne, king jordan, president emeritus of dallas university who wrote nothing is more american than recognizing equal opportunity for all citizens. at the end of the day dr. jordan's simple but compelling statement is the sum and substance of why we must ratify the treaty and we have several petitions organized by different groups with a total of 60,000 signatures. let us not forget what this treaty means to veterans. we have received letters of support from 15 veterans organizations
assassination. guest: thank you, steve. you are doing a wonderful job. you know, hopefully the anniversary will help bring us together at the same time in washington where we are splitting farther apart. we were united then, and it with a different country, and we lost a lot of that -- a lot because of the assassination, too. host: richard reeves, thank you. visitors continue to stop by the gravesite of john f. kennedy in arlington national cemetery. the eternal flame, a live picture here, on the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination. a wreath of flowers placed the other day by president obama and former president bill clinton will stop >> today, the , november 22, 1963. we will bring you the nbc news coverage. you will see some of the reporting of man on that day. that is tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. important distinction jfk, 50 years after dallas. newsreels after the assassination. interviews with the doctors who treated jfk and a former life magazine editor on purchasing ruderights to be -- the zap film. next up, back to this morning's washington journal at a conversation abou
about it all the time, i do, i know a lot of other congressmen would encourage you to talk to steve skalic e and tm price out of georgia. his bill is hr-2300. these are great replacements. they've been out there, we've been talking about it. the news has not been picking them up. i encourage you to do your due diligence. >> when i'm holding the playbook in my hand, 18 pages on the attacks of obama care, very rarely have i heard about the other two bills. you had not just about the media, it's about what politicians are deciding to make their message? fair criticism. >> i think that's fair. we could do a better job on messaging for sure. every time we're in the district or take a meeting with the business people, you know, i ran on stopping the affordable care act because we saw the disaster. like i said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. think about where we're beginning to be three months from now. all these people that are registering thinking they're going to have coverage or they've got a number, they thought they got on the website, they've got a number, they go to the hospi
, please welcome steve hengineg executive director metropolitan transportation commission. >> good afternoon, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the toll bridge program oversight committee and my committee colleagues, and the director of cal transand the executive director of the california transportation commission, it is my great pleasure to welcome you at long last, to the opening ceremonies for the new east band of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. that is an applause line. [ applause ] >> i know that you joined me in thanking the oakland institute color guard and the choir, and their wonderful presentation and our ceremonies. [ applause ] >> and i guess that i will not ask you if it is hot enough. and it certainly is, so do please, keep cool and gentleman take off your jackets if you need to and keep the water going and keep an eye on your neighbor. and i'm going to ask you to rise again and that might create more air to hear our invocation from the reverend jay junior, from the oakland baptist church. >> let us pray. oh, lord our god thou who art the archi
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